Illegally Smuggled Orangutan Safely Returned Home

09 October 2015 | Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation News Release

Bogor – In July 2015, the Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait received information from the Kuwait International Airport of an [Continue Reading…]

WCS Launches New Strategy and Website

07 October 2015 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

NEW YORK – WCS today unveiled its WCS: 2020 strategic plan, supported by a new website and brand identity, with [Continue Reading…]

£9 Million Raised to Save Rainforest

06 October 2015 | World Wildlife Fund News Release

Sky Rainforest Rescue – the six-year partnership between Sky and WWF – has raised over £9 million to help keep one [Continue Reading…]

Chile to Create Marine Protected Area Network

06 October 2015 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

NEW YORK —The Government of Chile announced today at the Our Oceans Summit in Valparaiso its plan to design a [Continue Reading…]

Ocean Health Index Releases 2015 Global Score

05 October 2015 | Conservation International News Release

Valparaíso, Chile/Arlington, Va. USA – At the second annual Our Ocean Conference held this week in Valparaíso, Chile, the [Continue Reading…]

Endangered Species Protection Proposed for Florida Mussel

05 October 2015 | Center for Biological Diversity News Release

GAINESVILLE, Fla.— In response to a settlement agreement with the Center for Biological Diversity, the U.S. Fish and [Continue Reading…]

Hundreds of New Species Discovered in Himalayas

05 October 2015 | World Wildlife Fund News Release

A sneezing monkey, a walking fish and a jewel-like snake are just some of a biological treasure trove of over 200 new [Continue Reading…]

Illegal Trade Endangers Cactus Species

05 October 2015 | International Union for Conservation of Nature News Release

Gland, Switzerland – Thirty-one percent of cactus species are threatened with extinction, according to the first comprehensive, [Continue Reading…]

USFWS Protects Two Rare MaCaw Species

01 October 2015 | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) today announced it is listing the military and great green macaws as endangered [Continue Reading…]

Hundreds of Thousands Call for Ivory Ban in U.S.

01 October 2015 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

WASHINGTON – This week, WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) delivered 164,238 comments, organized through the 96 [Continue Reading…]

Zoo Joins Global March for Elephants and Rhinos

30 September 2015 | The Oakland Zoo News Release

Oakland, CA – On Saturday, October 3, 2015 Oakland Zoo staff, volunteers, and zoo supporters will join forces with local [Continue Reading…]

Hawaiian Pollinators Proposed as Endangered Species

29 September 2015 | The Xerces Society News Release

Portland, Ore.—In response to petitions from the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife [Continue Reading…]

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