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Archives for June 2016

Combating Wildlife Crime Gets $40 Million Boost

10 June 2016 | United Nations Environment Programme News Release

Washington DC – The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council today approved an additional $40 million for the Global [Continue Reading…]

A Fashionable Partnership to Save Rhinos

10 June 2016 | Save The Rhino News Release

South Korean fashion brand PAT announced its partnership with the London-based conservation charity, Save [Continue Reading…]

Killer Whales Remain Protected in Washington State

10 June 2016 | Oceana-USA News Release

Today the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted unanimously to maintain killer whales on the state’s Endangered Species List. This vote follows [Continue Reading…]

Germany Hosts Forum on Impact of Illegal Wildlife Trade

08 June 2016 | TRAFFIC News Release

Berlin, Germany, 8th June 2016—As part of the fifth annual “Environment Week”, which showcases innovation in environmental and nature conservation, experts from [Continue Reading…]

Students Celebrate World Environment Day in Shanghai

07 June 2016 | United Nations Environment Programme News Release

Shanghai – As the world went “Wild For Life” for World Environment Day, China’s mega city Shanghai celebrates the [Continue Reading…]

Fighting for the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction

06 June 2016 | Defenders of Wildlife News Release

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Defenders of Wildlife, the Center of Biological Diversity, WildEarth Guardians and the New Mexico [Continue Reading…]

Habitat Protection Sought for Killer Whales

06 June 2016 | Center for Biological Diversity News Release

SEATTLE— Conservation groups and more than 100,000 people today called on the Obama administration to immediately [Continue Reading…]

Value of Environmental Crime up 26%

04 June 2016 | United Nations Environment Programme News Release

Nairobi – The value of environmental crime is 26 per cent larger than previous estimates, at $91-258 billion today [Continue Reading…]

UN Agencies Speak Out on Thai Temple Tigers

03 June 2016 | United Nations News Release

Following the discovery earlier this week of 70 dead tiger cubs, as well as tiger skins, talismans and other wildlife parts, in a [Continue Reading…]

EU Marine Litter Reduction of 50% Proposed

02 June 2016 | Environmental Investigation Agency News Release

BRUSSELS: Today saw the release of the European Parliament’s draft opinion on the Circular Economy. Authored by Italian [Continue Reading…]

WWF-UK Calls For National Debate to Protect Nature

02 June 2016 | World Wildlife Fund-UK News Release

The outcome of the EU referendum will have profound implications for the future of our countryside, wildlife, rivers and [Continue Reading…]

WCS Applauds Historic, Groundbreaking US Ivory Ban

02 June 2016 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

WASHINGTONWCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), founder of the 96 Elephants campaign, applauded the Obama [Continue Reading…]

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