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WWF Launches Virtual Reality ‘Tiger Experience’

14 August 2016 | World Wildlife Fund-UK News Release

In its bid to double wild tiger numbers by 2022, WWF has launched a first-of-its kind virtual reality (VR) video as part of a new [Continue Reading…]

Tech Leaders to Fight Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

12 August 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Washington, D.C., USA—On World Elephant Day, leading e-commerce and social media companies are implementing critical [Continue Reading…]

India Adopts the “World Elephant Day”

12 August 2016 | World Wildlife Fund-India News Release

New Delhi: On 12 August 2016, India formally adopted the “World Elephant Day” to help conserve and protect elephants in [Continue Reading…]

Three Island Fox Subspecies Now Fully Delisted

11 August 2016 | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release

Dateline – Representing the fastest successful recovery for any Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed mammal in the [Continue Reading…]

Indonesia’s Birds Plundered to Supply Javan Markets

11 August 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Jakarta, Indonesia, 11th August 2016 — A thriving trade in Indonesia’s native birds exists, well beyond the notorious bird [Continue Reading…]

Innovative Technology to Help Endangered Black Stilts

10 August 2016 | Department of Conservation-New Zealand News Release

The two departments have been working to find the cause of a mysterious neurological disease that affects up to 10% [Continue Reading…]

TRAFFIC Recommendations CITES Appendices

09 August 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Cambridge, UK, 9th August 2016—TRAFFIC today published its Recommendations on the Proposals to amend the species listed in [Continue Reading…]

Oakland Zoo Releases Critically Endangered Frogs

01 August 2016 | Oakland Zoo News Release

Oakland, CA – Oakland Zoo, along with the National Forestry Service and US and CA Fish and Wildlife Service, has released 53 [Continue Reading…]

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