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Asian Infrastructure Plans Threatens All Tigers

04 December 2016 | World Wildlife Fund News Release

Gland, Switzerland – With massive infrastructure plans threatening all tiger landscapes and risking recent gains in tiger [Continue Reading…]

Brazil to Restore 12 Million Hectares of Forests

03 December 2016 | International Union for Conservation of Nature News Release

Today, the government of Brazil committed to restoring 12 million hectares of deforested land under the Bonn Challenge, [Continue Reading…]

African Leopards Closer to Protection

03 December 2016 | The Humane Society of the United States News Release

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that all leopards may qualify for “endangered” status under the Endangered [Continue Reading…]

California Court Upholds Ivory Trade Ban

02 December 2016 | International Fund for Animal Welfare News Release

The Los Angeles Superior Court has upheld California’s ban on trade in ivory and rhino horn, rejecting claims that the ban was [Continue Reading…]

Triggerfish Needed to Grow Reefs, Research Finds

02 December 2016 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

NEW YORK —A study of complex coral reef ecosystems in the western Indian Ocean found that one species of fish—the [Continue Reading…]

Scottish Government’s Wildlife Crime Report

01 December 2016 | The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds News Release

RSPB Scotland has responded to the publication of the Scottish Government’s Wildlife Crime Report today, with the [Continue Reading…]

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