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Archives for 2016

Hong Kong’s Ecological Hotspots Need Protection

15 November 2016 | World Wildlife Fund-Hong Kong News Release

A new WWF Marine Ecological Hotspot Map published today reveals that only five of the 31 (16 per cent) identified ecological [Continue Reading…]

Wildlife Conference Hailed as ‘Game Changer’

14 November 2016 | Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora News Release

Following two weeks of marathon negotiations, world governments today [Continue Reading…]

Hanoi Workshop on Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade

14 November 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Ha Noi, Viet Nam—Conservationists will meet in Hanoi to participate in a regional workshop for Southeast Asia with a focus [Continue Reading…]

Calls for Conservation to Collaborate with Palm Oil Industry

13 November 2016 | United Nations Environment Programme News Release

8 November 2016 – The conservation community should collaborate more closely than ever with oil palm developers [Continue Reading…]

Viet Nam Under Scrutiny After Ivory Seizures

11 November 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Ha Noi, Viet Nam — A staggering five significant ivory seizures in the weeks leading up to Viet Nam hosting a major [Continue Reading…]

Climate Change Dramatically Disrupting Nature

10 November 2016 | International Union for Conservation of Nature News Release

Gland, Switzerland, 10 November, 2016 (IUCN) – Global changes in temperature have already impacted every aspect of life [Continue Reading…]

Environment is ‘Silent Casualty’ of Armed Conflict

9 November 2016 | United Nations Environment Programme News Release

As the world marks the international day to protect the environment during armed conflict, the scorched earth tactics [Continue Reading…]

Oregon Passes Anti-wildlife trafficking Measure

9 November 2016 | The Humane Society of the United States News Release

By an overwhelming majority of 70 to 30, Oregon voters issued a powerful statement for the protection of the world’s endangered [Continue Reading…]

Rats and Dogs to Protect Wildlife from Trafficking

9 November 2016 | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release

Rats are smart with a keen sense of smell, and one species — the African giant pouched rat — is being tested to see if it [Continue Reading…]

Russia Agrees to Monumental Marine Protection Deal

8 November 2016 | United Nations Environment Programme News Release

After five years of protracted negotiations, and tireless ‘Speedo diplomacy’ from endurance swimmer and UN [Continue Reading…]

Shark Trade Overview Needed

08 November 2016 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Hong Kong, 8th November 2016—The shark fin trade in East Asia changes rapidly depending on where and how profits can [Continue Reading…]

Record Number of Common Cranes in UK

7 November 2016 | The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds News Release

The common crane has continued to make a comeback after the latest survey revealed a record breaking 48 pairs across the UK in [Continue Reading…]

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