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Archives for February 2017

Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest

22 February 2017 | U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release

Protecting nature is critical to keeping our planet thriving for future generations. What better way to do that than by engaging [Continue Reading…]

New Zealand Whio Eggs Go Full Circle

20 February 2017 | Department of Conservation-New Zealand News Release

This is the happy ending to an earlier reported story of a whio nest, disturbed by accident at Blackfern Lodge in August. [Continue Reading…]

Cheetah Conservation Fund Asks for Cheetah Reclassification

18 February 2017 | Cheetah Conservation Fund News Release

OTJIWARONGO, NAMIBIA – The wild cheetah population is declining at an alarming rate, prompting conservationists [Continue Reading…]

Mexican Gray Wolf Count Up in 2016

17 February 2017 | Defenders of Wildlife News Release

TUCSON, Ariz. (Feb. 17, 2017) – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) published today the 2016 Mexican gray wolf count. There [Continue Reading…]

Elephant Poaching Gang Busted in Malaysia

13 February 2017 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 13th February 2017 — Malaysian authorities have nabbed a gang of seven men they termed the “most [Continue Reading…]

Climate Change Impacts on Endangered Wildlife Massively Underreported

12 February 2017 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

NEW YORK (February 13, 2017) – A team of scientists reporting in the journal Nature Climate Change say that negative impacts [Continue Reading…]

Approximately 30 Vaquita Porpoises Estimated to Survive in Wild

12 February 2017 | World Wildlife Fund News Release

Last week, the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA) announced that only about 30 vaquitas are [Continue Reading…]

European Grasshoppers and Crickets Being Driven to Extinction

10 February 2017 | International Union for Conservation of Nature News Release

Over a quarter of European grasshopper, cricket and bush cricket species are being driven to extinction by unsustainable [Continue Reading…]

Eurasian Beaver Reintroduced in Scotland

01 February 2017 | The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland News Release

Members of the public are being asked to give their backing to beavers in the BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards. The Eurasian [Continue Reading…]

Myanmar Government Finalizes Plans For Elephant Conservation

01 February 2017 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

YANGON (January 26, 2017): Urgent action is needed to reverse the decline in the wild elephant population of Myanmar, while [Continue Reading…]

Myanmar Bears Killed for Illegal Trade

01 February 2017 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Myanmar, 27th January 2017 — Discussions with 40 bear poachers across Myanmar has revealed that they primarily illegally kill [Continue Reading…]

Machu Picchu Key Habitat for Andean Bear

01 February 2017 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

New York (January 26, 2017) – A recent wildlife survey led by SERNANP (Servicio Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas por [Continue Reading…]

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