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Zimparks Carry On With GPS Tracking of Wildlife

19 July 2018 | Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority News Release

Zimparks rangers and Aware Trust placing a GPS collar on Bull Elephant[Continue Reading…]

STUDY: An Estimated 84 Endangered Amur Leopards Remain in the Wild in China and Russia

13 July 2018 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

Scientists estimate there are only 84 remaining highly endangered Amur leopards (Panthera pardus orientalis) remaining in the wild [Continue Reading…]

Study Highlights Need for Online Wildlife Trade Monitoring in Viet Nam

10 July 2018 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Hanoi, Viet Nam — A study released today by TRAFFIC suggests that most of Viet Nam’s online illegal wildlife trade does not take [Continue Reading…]

Twenty-three Nations to Step Up Their Climate Ambition

03 July 2018 | Climate Action Network News Release

Climate Action Network (CAN) welcomes the declaration by 23 nations to step up climate ambition. The declaration, issued on the [Continue Reading…]

Earth’s Second Largest Reef Off ‘Danger List’ Following IUCN’s Advice

03 July 2018 | International Union for Conservation of Nature News Release

Manama, Bahrain, 26 June 2018 (IUCN) – The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System – the world’s second largest coral reef system after [Continue Reading…]

Uganda Hosts 6th Annual Forum on Illegal Timber Trade

03 July 2018 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Kampala, Uganda, 21st June 2018—This week, Uganda played host to the 6th Annual East Africa Timber Trade Stakeholders’ Forum [Continue Reading…]

Conservation, Animal Groups Defend Protections for Elephants, Rhinos

02 July 2018 | Center for Biological Diversity News Release

New York — A coalition of conservation and animal protection organizations has taken the first step to intervene to help defend [Continue Reading…]

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