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AMERIKIDS USA Launches New Game for Earth Day


16 April 2016 | AMERIKIDS USA News Release

AMERIKIDS USA® founder Lynn Rogoff is launching a Save an Endangered Animal for Earth Day game. For Earth Day you can save a panda.

Go to Basecamp (, sign your oath. Become a conservationist, get your supplies, vaccine, and food. Head to the Rice Paddy ( Game to change the rice paddy fields back to bamboo shoots. Head to the SW China mountains for finding and Saving Panda ( Collect paw prints, dung, scrolls with clues and claw marks to discover where your panda is hiding. Put him in the conservation tent.

Join up at our site to link with other conservationist who want to save endangered animals.

Now you can take action by playing our game to end Endangered Species from extinction.  Endanger!(  is the first 3D VR/ Mobile/PC game to virtually and socially find & save endangered species and their habitat. Experience their habitat loss and poachers traps from the animal’s point of view, immersing the player in forest and jungles, around the planet.

The Endanger!  mission is to engage young people in social media activism and branding while having fun with green planet issues. The Endanger!  series will offer an immersive experience that is timely and of critical importance to the planet. Climate change and its environmental impact is a worldwide concern that people of all nations, ages, races and classes find of compelling significance. Young people are undeniably concerned about the planet they are inheriting. They crave engaging encounters that will enlighten their abilities to change the planet. The Endanger!  series gives the player subjective experiences of what an endangered animal must do to survive in the wild. Players will then be able to connect with each other around an endangered animal of their choice.

The AMERIKIDS USA (®  vision is on Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Presently, we design games that are both illuminating and entertaining, focusing on 36 endangered species, worldwide. AMERIKIDS USA® and founder Lynn Rogoff (  focus on conservation, environmentalism and social media engagement. Dr .E.O Wilson and Dr. Stewart Pimm, renowned Conservation Scientists organization, Saving, ( have partnered with us to enable citizen conservationists to become pro- active, globally.


AMERIKIDS USA have been pioneers in the edutainment, game production business since the 1990’s. We raised $1.5 million in 1996 to become the flagship product for the launch of McGraw Hill Home

For more information about endangered species go to
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Find organizations saving endangered tigers at Saving Endangered

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