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Bagheera Launches New Law Section

14 May 2015 | News Release by Endangered Species Journalist Craig Kasnoff

Endangered species website has added over 500 endangered species and conservation laws to its Resource Section for Endangered Species Day, according to the websites producer endangered species journalist Craig Kasnoff.

Go here for the Endangered Species Laws and Conservation Laws Section.

According to Kasnoff, has been educating people on the issue of endangered species for almost 20 years. He says the new endangered species and conservation laws addition is just one of many new features that have been added to the website recently. He thinks teachers and students will find it to be a valuable resource.

“There are almost 500 endangered species and conservations laws posted that originate from almost 200 countries in this new section,” says Kasnoff. “Personally I think it is fascinating to see how different cultures write laws to protect species in their country. And I think teachers and students will not only find these laws fascinating but also a valuable resource in their studies.”

Kasnoff says he is still culling through the laws to make sure the most appropriate ones are available for each country represented.

“There are a lot of laws to look through for editing purposes, and there are a lot more laws to add,” says Kasnoff. “This should be considered a ‘first draft’ that will continually be edited and updated.”

Kasnoff says to use the resource, just click on a letter at the top of the page (A-Z) then find a country you are interested and roll your mouse over the “Law” title.

“For example if you went to the letter ‘A’ you could go to the Albania listing and click on the first law link and get LAW o.7875 date 23.11.1994; ON THE PROTECTION OF THE WILD FAUNA AND HUNTING,” says Kasnoff. “Or you could go to the letter ‘S’ and scroll down to Saint Lucia, click on the first law and get THE WILDLFE PROTECTION ACT OF 1980.”

Kasnoff says not all the laws are in English (a few of Algeria’s are in French) but most are. He adds that all the laws pop-up in their own PDF.

Kasnoff says the endangered species and conservation law section will be continually updated and edited with new laws being added each month. He says his goal is to have the section completely edited in preparation for the 20th anniversary in 2016.

”Bagheera has been visited by millions of people, who have requested tens of millions of pages of information on endangered species over the years,” says Kasnoff. “But since its launch in 1996, Internet technology has changed dramatically. The Bagheera makeover currently underway is geared toward incorporating much of that new technology, along with a great deal of new endangered species information which includes the new endangered species and conservation laws section.

Kasnoff, who has been a media consultant—as well as an endangered species journalist—for the last 20 years, says even though the advances in technology often time seem overwhelming to keep up with, the opportunities it creates far outweigh the challenges.

“Even though it is often challenging to keep up with the pace of technology, the opportunities to use it to promote the plight of endangered species, and for educational purposes, is amazing,” he says.

“Saving endangered species is not just about science or conservation, it’s also about politics, finances, religion, culture and many other ‘human’ activities such as the laws that protect endangered species,” says Kasnoff. “The challenge is trying to get a handle on the ‘big picture’ because there are so many facets to that picture, and that picture is changing every day.”

Kasnoff says his goal is to make sure all of those elements are incorporated into so anyone using the website can get a realistic picture of the challenges facing endangered species, what it will take to save them from extinction, and how they can help.

Go here fort the Endangered Species Laws and Conservation Laws Section.
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