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Bowling to Save Rhinos (and Other Endangered Species)

18 April 2016 | American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) News Release

Bowling for Rhinos (BFR) is a national bowl-a-thon fundraising event geared to assisting rhino conservation in Kenya and Indonesia. 100% of all funds go directly to in situ conservation projects, conserving 4 species of rhinos, their habitats, and hundreds of other endangered plants and animals AND cheetah conservation in Kenya.

Why Support Bowling for Rhinos?

Rhinos have lived on earth for over 50 million years but whether they survive even 50 more years is open to speculation. Only 5 species of rhino exist today when once there were over 100 species. All 5 species- the white, black, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan are endangered. In 1960, 60,000 black rhinos roamed Africa. Today only 5,500 remain in isolated populations. On the Asian continent, the greater one-horned population remains at 3,333. The Sumatran species numbers less than 100 and the Javan species has fewer than 60 animals.

In addition to your company’s role in protecting rhinos and all other species that live within their habitat, Bowling for Rhinos provides your company the opportunity to be promoted through media coverage and marketing materials surrounding this event. We also invite you to use this experience as your company’s team building event, encouraging conservation participation in your employees.

Who Coordinates Bowling for Rhinos?

Bowling for Rhinos is a fundraiser that began on a small scale in 1990 by the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK). It is now an AAZK-sponsored North American event raising over $500,000 annually. AAZK realized that the zoo keepers of the world are extremely conservation oriented and want to help save rhinos and their habitats, yet do not have the financial resources themselves to make any significant impact. That’s when the idea to start a national bowl-a-thon called Bowling For Rhinos emerged.

These fundraisers are organized by AAZK chapter members who are volunteers and donate their time and organizational skills to help raise money to send directly to the places in need. Since all the people involved are volunteers, 100% of all donations are sent directly to these in situ rhino conservation areas!

More Information and How To Participate

To learn more about the AAZK San Diego’s local Bowling for Rhinos event, sponsorship opportunities, and how your company can help protect and become involved in rhino conservation, please contact Yvette Kemp at Or read all about Bowling for Rhinos and other AAZK San Diego chapter projects at

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