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California Assembly Passes Ivory Ban

12 June 2015 | The Oakland Zoo News Release

Oakland Zoo and the 96 Elephants campaign praise the California Assembly for passing AB 96, state legislation that would ban the sale of ivory and rhinoceros horn in the state of California.

California is the second largest hub for ivory sales in the United States and ivory sales support the slaughter of elephants thousands of miles away in Africa. The Assembly has shown tremendous leadership by addressing this crucial issue. “Oakland Zoo commends Speaker Atkins and the Assembly for moving AB 96 forward,” said Dr. Parrott, President and CEO of Oakland Zoo. “This is a critical time for elephants and their survival, and as a progressive state we cannot contribute to their extinction. As a conservation organization focused on educating our visitors about the crisis, we’d like to thank those of you that took action with us on behalf of all elephants and rhinos to support a ban on the legal sales of Ivory and rhino horn in California.”

Oakland Zoo and the 96 Elephants collation urge continued support of AB 96, and we will continue working with lawmakers as the bill moves to the California Senate, then on to Governor Brown whom we urge to sign AB 96 into law. Californians have an opportunity to show support of this critical issue. By banning the sale of all elephant ivory and ivory products, California can raise consumer awareness, reduce poaching pressures on elephants, and set a critical example for other countries. Please, Californians, ask your state lawmakers to support AB96. This bill is named for the 96 elephants killed each day in the name of ivory. Help pass legislation to ban ivory sales in our State, go to the below link and sign the letter:

The goal of 96 Elephants – named after the number of elephants gunned down each day in Africa by poachers – is to stop the killing, stop the trafficking and stop the demand. Banning the sale of ivory is a key step toward stopping the demand, and California is poised to play a direct role in saving elephants from the ravages of the illegal wildlife trade.

Oakland Zoo would like to thank our fellow bill sponsors Humane Society of the United States, Natural Resources Defense Council, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the California Association of Zoos and Aquariums and its dedicated members for their hard work in supporting Assembly passage of AB 96.


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