Wildlife Crime Gangs Pose Mounting Threat to Elephants

13 September 2018 | Environmental Investigation Agency News Release

LONDON: An undercover investigation has revealed Vietnamese criminal syndicates are becoming increasingly prolific, [Continue Reading…]

UK Fingerprinting Kits to Help Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade

12 September 2018 | United Kingdom – Executive Government & Departments News Release

Foreign Office Minister Mark Field visited the London office of the International Fund [Continue Reading…]

Planting Cocoa to Save Forests in Madagascar

7 September 2018 | Wildlife Conservation Society News Release

As groups gather for the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco from Sept 12-14, WCS has released a video showcasing [Continue Reading…]

Zoohackathon 2018: Finding Tech Solutions for Curbing Wildlife Crime

5 September 2018 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Zoohackathon 2018 is almost here! Zoohackathon, a tech challenge to find technology-driven solutions for [Continue Reading…]

Dolphinwatch Celebrates Launch of Marine Schools Programme

3 September 2018 | Royal Society for the Protection of Birds News Release

An exciting new project has been launched by RSPB Scotland today, giving pupils from Aberdeen the opportunity to learn first-[Continue Reading…]

International Literacy Day, 8 September 2018

31 August 2018 | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization News Release

UNESCO will award its Literacy Prizes on 7 September on the eve of International [Continue Reading…]

Environmental Education Grantees to Receive $3.3 Million

20 August 2018 | United States Environmental Protection Agency News Release

Washington — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing the selection of 37 organizations to receive funding for [Continue Reading…]

Innovative Environmental Education in a Chilean Biosphere Reserve

16 August 2018 | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization News Release

The Lo Narváez Basic School is located in the La Campana-Peñuelas Biosphere Reserve, situated in the [Continue Reading…]

Lawsuit Challenges Oregon’s Denial of Full Protection for Marbled Murrelets

15 August 2018 | The Center for Biological Diversity News Release

PORTLAND, Ore.— Five conservation groups filed a lawsuit today against the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) [Continue Reading…]

Minke Whaling in Iceland Has Stopped

8 August 2018 | International Fund for Animal Welfare News Release

Hunting of minke whales has ended in Iceland. Media sources reported today that cost and poor profits has made whaling no [Continue Reading…]

Scientists Ask Supreme Court to Maintain Protections for Endangered Frogs

6 August 2018 | The Center for Biological Diversity News Release

NEW ORLEANS— From economists and scientists to religious leaders and business owners, dozens of groups this week submitted [Continue Reading…]

Endangered Tiger Parts Seized by Malaysian Authorities

6 August 2018 | TRAFFIC International News Release

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Parts of three Critically Endangered tigers were among dozens of wildlife skins, horns and teeth [Continue Reading…]

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