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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Dominica


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Dominica


Mammals: 3
Birds: 3
Reptiles: 4
Amphibians: 2
Fishes: 20
Molluscs: 0
Other Inverts: 11
Plants: 10

Dominica Forests Act Chapter 6001

An ACT to make provision for the conservation and control of forests. In this Act – “Court” means Magistrate’s Court; “State land” includes -(a) the waste or vacant land of the State…

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Dominica Forestry and Wildlife Act 1976

An ACT to provide for the protection, conservation and management of wild mammals, freshwater fishes, amphibians, crustaceans and reptiles, and for purposes…

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Dominica Forest Rules 1972

These Rules may be cited as the FORESTS RULES. In these Rules – “Form”, identified by a number, means the Form as set out in the Schedule; “Minister” means the Minister…

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