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ELI Press Announces Sustainability Handbook

08 December 2015 | Environmental Law Institute News Release

(Washington, DC) ELI Press Announces Sustainability Handbook for Corporations, Nonprofits, Schools, and Governments

ELI Press is pleased to announce The Sustainability Handbook, 2nd Edition by William R. Blackburn, providing a blueprint on how organizations can reach or exceed economic, social, and environmental excellence. The book details the complexities, challenges, and benefits of sustainability when pursued by corporate, academic, government, and nonprofit organizations. Now in its second edition, the Sustainability Handbook identifies the newest, most cutting-edge practices in the field to stimulate organizations of all types to take the next step toward sustainability, offering a wide variety of practical approaches and tools, including a model sustainability policy for organizations, summaries and tips on selecting sustainability codes, an extensive collection of sample metrics, and much more.

Environmental risks can have a significant impact on organizations, affecting investment decisions, stakeholder interactions, and government regulations. These risks have become more apparent particularly as the effects of climate change are felt by the world’s industries, populations, and ecosystems. Organizations of all sizes can improve their chances of success—and survival—by integrating sustainability into their operations and decision-making.

As leaders in the field note:

Brought completely up-to-date with current trends in sustainability and the just agreed upon U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, this text is one that a person from an organization at the early stages of the journey would benefit from reading from cover to cover, while a person looking to raise his or her game further can seek inspiration and advice from individual chapters.
—Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Former Chairman, Anglo American plc and Royal Dutch/Shell

The Sustainability Handbook is an invaluable resource for sustainability professionals of all sorts. Bill has gathered in one place the wisdom gained through years of experience at the coalface, and the result is an approachable, authoritative, and empowering volume. You will find The Sustainability Handbook useful for years to come.
—Judy Kuszewski, Co-Founder, Shine Sustainability (UK), Member, Global Sustainability Standards Board, GRI

William Blackburn is making another major contribution to those organizations that are serious about embedding sustainability into their corporate strategies. This updated handbook provides an excellent guide for everybody, no matter where they are on their journey, towards creating a more sustainable organization.

— Dawn Rittenhouse, Director, Sustainability, DuPont Company

More information about the publication can be found on our website here.

William R. Blackburn is available to discuss his recent publication and topics in the book with our press and media contacts.

Please contact Laura Frederick at 202-939-3859 or for more information.

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