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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Finland


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Finland


Mammals: 1
Birds: 6
Reptiles: 0
Amphibians: 0
Fishes: 6
Molluscs: 3
Other Inverts: 7
Plants: 2

Wildlife and Game Administration Act

The Finnish Wildlife Agency is an independent institution governed by public law. Its area of operation covers the whole country except for the Province of Åland. The areas of operation of the Finnish Wildlife Agency….

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Finland Act Relative to Hunting

This Act applies to hunting and to capturing and killing of unprotected animals as well as to game management, compensation for damage caused by game animals, and keeping of dogs. Where appropriate, this Act also applies to…

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Hunting Decree of 1993

A hunting licence referred to in section 10(1) of the Hunting Act (615/1993) must be obtained for: 1) the hunting of European beaver; 2) the hunting of Baltic ringed seal; 3) the hunting of grey seal; and 4) the hunting of partridge in…

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