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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Ghana


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Ghana


Mammals: 16
Birds: 18
Reptiles: 4
Amphibians: 12
Fishes: 45
Molluscs: 0
Other Inverts: 3
Plants: 117

Wildlife Animals Preservation Amendment Act 1983 No. 55 of 1983

In pursuance  of the Provisional National Defence Council (Establishment) Proclamation, 1981, this Law is hereby made. 1. The Wild Animals Preservation Act, 1961 (Act 43) is hereby amended by the substitutin fr paragraph (r) of section 11 thereof f the following new…

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Wildlife Animals Preservation Act 1961

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to wild animals, birds and fish and to continue the observance of the Convention signed at London on the nineteenth day of of May, 1900. 1. Honorary game officers. The Minister may appoint honorary game…

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Animals Control of Importation Act

An Act to provide for the control of the importation of animals and for related matters. 1. Application of Act The Minister may, by legislative instrument, (a) extend the application of this Act to a kind of animal or disease which is not included in the definition of the word…

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