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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Indonesia


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Indonesia


Mammals: 185
Birds: 121
Reptiles: 32
Amphibians: 32
Fishes: 145
Molluscs: 6
Other Inverts: 281
Plants: 404

Government Regulation No. 602007 Regarding the Conservation of Fishery Resources

Considering that in order to execute the provision of Artide 13 of Law Number 31 Year 2004 regarding fishery, it is necessary to stipulate a government regulation regarding conservation of Fishery Resources; In View of: 1. Article 5 paragraph 2 of constitution…

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Act on the Conservation of Biological Resources and their Ecosystems Act No. 5 of 1990

The President of The Republik of Indonesia considering that Indonesia’s living resources and their ecosystem, which are bestowed by God Almighty and have an important role for human life, need to be managed and utilized sustainably harmoniously and in line…

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Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 476MPPKep82004

Considering that in the framework of implementing the provision in Article 3 of Government Regulation No. 59/1998 on tariffs of non-tax state revenues effective within the Ministry of Forestry and Plantations, as already amended by Government Regulation No…

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