JacksGap Lauches Film on Tackling Climate Change

21 December 2015 | World Wildlife Fund UK News Release

Online creators Jack and Finn Harries (JacksGap, who have a combined social media following of over 12 million) have today launched a striking documentary called ‘Our Changing Climate’, encouraging their generation to keep the momentum going following on from the Paris climate deal.

The film follows their epic journey to the Arctic, with WWF, to look at how climate change is having an impact in the polar region. Twin brothers Jack and Finn, who are passionate storytellers, want to keep the spotlight firmly focused on climate action after the step forward taken at COP 21 this December.

As the first generation to grow up witnessing the effects of climate change, the brothers want to use their influence to inspire young people, as the last generation who can really make a difference. The film-makers joined WWF on a science expedition to Greenland with WWF-UK polar expert Rod Downie and Professor Alun Hubbard – a scientist who has been at the forefront of research on the Greenland ice sheet for over 10 years.

The film begins with Finn, who at a young age became aware of the devastating effects of climate change, after joining his mother on a climate rally in London.

Finn said: “Although climate change is often thought of as a far off threat, it is here right now. I remember being aged 15 and attending a climate protest with my mum outside the Houses of Parliament. I didn’t know it then but climate change would become the single most important challenge affecting my generation. That was ahead of COP 15 in Copenhagen and these conferences have been held every year since I was born. Today, following on from the Paris climate deal, we have a better opportunity than ever to create change – as long as we keep up the momentum.”

Jack and Finn joined Rod and Alun to travel up the Russell Glacier onto the Greenland ice sheet, analysing data and tracking the rate of ice flow and melt over the past twenty years of record warming temperatures. The team then travelled up the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Jakobshavn Isbrae – the biggest glacier in the Northern hemisphere that has receded by more than 10km since the start of the millennium.

Colin Butfield, Director of Communications and Campaigns at WWF-UK said: “The film sends a strong message from WWF and JacksGap following the Paris deal that we need to keep up the momentum and pressure for urgent action on climate change. All too often after big global decisions, people think the job is done. If we now take our eye off the ball, we’ll fail. COP 21 has given us a big step up in the struggle to protect our planet from the impacts of climate change. So, now – it’s time to act.”

‘Our Changing Climate’ premiered on JacksGap’s YouTube channel last night. Join in the conversation at #OurChangingClimate

Find out more about Jack and Finn’s time in the Arctic by visiting our website or reading WWF-UK polar expert Rod Downie’s blog.

To download high-res images please visit our photo gallery. If prompted please enter password: JacksGap2015

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