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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Japan


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Japan


Mammals: 27
Birds: 38
Reptiles: 14
Amphibians: 19
Fishes: 66
Molluscs: 33
Other Inverts: 137
Plants: 17

Wildlife Protection and Hunting Law and Related Legislation

The purpose of this Law shall be to protect and propagate the game, to control and prevent the danger of the harmful game through the execution of game protection project and effectuation of hunting for the purpose of the improvement of living environment and…

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Nature Conservation Law 1972 Law No. 85 of 1972

This Law aims at setting forth the basic concept of conservation of the natural environment and other basic matters relating to the conservation of natural environment, and, together with the Natural Parks Law (Law No. 161 of 1957) and other laws aiming at conservation…

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