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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Malawi


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Malawi


Mammals: 8
Birds: 16
Reptiles: 1
Amphibians: 5
Fishes: 101
Molluscs: 7
Other Inverts: 9
Plants: 23

Malawi National Parks and Wildlife Act 1992

An Act to consolidate the law relating to national parks and wildlife management; to establish the Wildlife Research and Management Board; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected therewith. Enacted by the Parliament of Malawi as follows…

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Malawi Forestry Act No. 4 of 1997

An Act to provide for participatory forestry, forest management, forestry research, forestry education, .forest industries, protection and rehabilitation of environmentally fragile areas and international co-operation in forestry and for matters incidental thereto or connected…

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National Parks and Wildlife Control of Trade in Live Animals Regulations 1994

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 87 (1) of the National Parks arid Wildlife Ad, I , MFUNJOM WANJASMI WAKIKUNGAM, Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources, acting on the recommendation of the Wildlife Research and Management Board, make…

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