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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Maldives


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Maldives


Mammals: 2
Birds: 0
Reptiles: 3
Amphibians: 0
Fishes: 18
Molluscs: 0
Other Inverts: 46
Plants: 0

Export and Import Act No. 31 of 1979

Exporting items naturally formed and produced in the Maldives, importing items into the Maldives, re-exporting, selling of imported goods, and operation of such activity shall becarried out with the permission of the Ministry of Trade, Industries…

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Environmental Protection and Preservation Act of Maldives Law No. 493

The natural environment and its resources are a national heritage that needs to be protected and preserved for the benefit of future generations. The protection and preservation of the country’s land and water resources, flora and fauna as well as the beaches, reefs…

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Fisheries Law of the Maldives Law No. 587

This Law shall be cited as “The Fisheries Law of the Maldives”. In this Law “Fisheries” means the fishing, capturing, or the taking of any resources from the seas of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Maldives, or any activity related thereto. (Note: “Seas” in this Law…

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