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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Nepal


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Nepal


Mammals: 65
Birds: 35
Reptiles: 136
Amphibians: 69
Fishes: 87
Molluscs: 24
Other Inverts: 84
Plants: 373

National Parks and Wild Life Conservation Act

An Act whereas it is expedient to make arrangements for national parks, protect wild life end their habitat, regulate hunting , protect, conserve, develop, and make proper arrangements for and use, places which are of special Importance from the viewpoint of natural beauty in order to maintain the etiquetto and welfare of the public. Now therefore, His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram…

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Nepal Tourism Board Act 2053 1997

An Act Made to Provide for the Establishment and Management of Nepal Tourism Board whereas it is expedient to establish Nepal Tourism Board and its operation for considerably increasing national production, fore ign currency, earning and the creation maximum opportunities of employment by developing Nepal internationally as an attractive and reliable tourist…

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