Oregon Ballot Initiative to Save Endangered Species

04 May 2016 | The Humane Society of the United States News Release

In a strong warning to elephant poachers, Kenya sent 105 tons of ivory up in flames this past Saturday, April 30. Every year approximately 35,000 elephants are killed in Africa to supply the demand for their ivory. Global efforts to combat illegal wildlife trafficking include the Save Endangered Animals Oregon campaign, which is made up of 16 organizations including The Humane Society International, Oregon Zoo Foundation and others. This coalition works tirelessly to help save wild animals from poaching, cruelty and the threat of extinction.

Iris Ho, program manager for Humane Society International, was in attendance at the historic burn. “It was an unforgettable sight, pile after pile of elephant tusks and ivory carvings going up in flames, a memorial service for the elephants poached for their ivory,” said Ho. “I was deeply struck President Kenyatta’s remarks, ‘the trade means the death of our elephants and the death of our natural heritage.’ It is a desperate and impassioned plea to ivory consumers around the world, including Oregon.”

Kristin Leppert, campaign director for Save Endangered Animals Oregon, responded, “Oregon stands ready to answer Kenya’s call to action. The horrors of elephant poaching may take place far from here, but the by-products of this relentless slaughter: ivory trinkets, jewelry and figurines are smuggled in and sold in our state. It’s time for Oregon to take a strong stand against poaching. Leading local animal conservation groups like the Oregon Zoo Foundation, support this vital measure because it will enable Oregon to play its part in helping reduce poaching and protect elephants, rhinos and several other imperiled species from extinction. “

Please join the Save Endangered Animals Oregon campaign to take a stand: that you choose elephants over the deadly ivory trade.

See Iris’s emotional message to SEA-Oregon volunteers from Nairobi National Park in front of some of the ivory that would be burned later that day. Link also contains photos from the burn.

Media Contact: Kristin Leppert: 202-812-8717; kristin@saveanimalsoregon.com

Link to original article: http://www.humanesociety.org/news/press_releases/2016/05/kenya-ivory-burn-oregon-ballot-050416.html

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