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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Taiwan


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Taiwan


Mammals: 10
Birds: 22
Reptiles: 8
Amphibians: 10
Fishes: 60
Molluscs: 1
Other Inverts: 127
Plants: 79

Wildlife Conservation Law

This law has been enacted to conserve wildlife, protect species diversity and maintain the balance of natural ecosystems. Whatever is not regulated by this law may be regulated by other compatible legislation. Responsible government authorities for the purpose…

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Implementing Regulation of the Wildlife Conservation Law

The following regulations have been put forward to implement the Wildlife Conservation Law (WCL) and are authorized by Article 56. In accordance with Article 4 regarding classification and determination of wildlife categories, the Wildlife Conservation…

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China-Taiwan Fisheries Act

This Act is enacted to conserve and rationally utilize aquatic resources, to increase fisheries productivity, to promote sound fisheries development, to guide and assist the recreational fishery, to maintain order of the fisheries, and to improve the living of…

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