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U.S. EPA launches its Strategic Plan for 2016-2020

28 January 2016 | Environmental Protection Agency News Release

  • EPA to further strengthen and enhance core functions of regulation, enforcement and assessment
  • Translating knowledge of the threats to our enviroment into behaviours and actions is a key challenge
  • ‘We all share responsibility for protecting Ireland’s environment’ says Director General

The EPA will further strengthen its core functions of regulation, enforcement and assessment over the life of its new Statement of Strategy, prioritising air and water quality, climate change, and enhancing the radiation protection framework.  The Agency will also seek to engage more closely with citizens, communities, and businesses, to mobilise sustainable behaviours.  Priorities in these areas for the coming five years are set out in the EPA’s new Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020 titled, ‘Our Environment, Our Wellbeing’.

“Protecting our precious environment is a shared responsibility involving all of us,” said Laura Burke, Director General, EPA.

“We in the Agency will play our part through even stronger regulation and enforcement.  But meanwhile the environmental problems we face today are increasingly complex and require a broader cross-sectoral and societal response.  We all need to become more sustainable – in our homes, in our work, in our communities, and across goverrnment, and the need for sustainability becomes even more acute now as our economy recovers.”

The new Strategic Plan is titled, ‘Our Environment, Our Wellbeing,’ highlighting the importance of a clean, protected environment for our health, our wellbeing and our quality of life.

“Living sustainably means linking all of these things,” said Laura Burke.

“It means linking our environment, health, well-being and the economy. A sustainable Ireland means an Ireland that has a vibrant economy, people and communities that help and respect each other and, as an essential foundation, a protected environment that is valued for itself and the benefits it provides for us to live safe, healthy lives.”

To support this theme the EPA has identified five strategic goals for its Strategy: Trusted Environmental Regulator, Leader in Environmental Evidence & Knowledge, Effective Advocate and Partner, Responding to Key Environmental Challenges and Organisationally Excellent.

In developing the Strategic Plan, the EPA consulted with many people and organisations, including the public. The number and range of responses received highlighted the awareness and interest in the environment and helped refine and strengthen the Strategy.

The EPA Strategic Plan 2016-2020 – Our Environment, Our Well-being is available in both English and Irish on the EPA website.

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