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WWF-Hong Kong Welcomes Halt of Shark Fin Shipments

25 July 2016 | World Wildlife Fund-Hong Kong News Release

WWF-Hong Kong welcomes and applauds COSCO SHIPPING’s recent commitment that it will stop shipments of shark fin with immediate effect. In mid-2014, WWF-Hong Kong began our “Global Shipping Companies Say No to Shark Fin” campaign; and since then 16 global shipping companies have enacted “no shark fin” carriage policies. COSCO SHIPPING is the fourth largest global shipping company in terms of market share and the latest company to make a “no shark fin” commitment. With COSCO SHIPPING responding to WWF’s request, as of today a total of 68 per cent of global shipping companies (by market share) are now committed not to carrying shark fin.[1]

Shipping companies play an essential role in shark conservation. According to Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department, 92 per cent of shark fin by volume is imported into Hong Kong by ocean. Despite being a small city that does not have its own shark fishing industry, Hong Kong is still an important trans-shipment point for the trade, and accounts for 50 per cent of the global shark fin trade annually.

Given this fact, the role of shipping companies in the shark fin trade is pivotal. For example, earlier this year the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) intercepted and seized 880kg of dried shark fins found in a cargo shipment from Panama which had no relevant permits attached. These fins were suspected to have come from hammerhead sharks, the trade in which is regulated by CITES.

It is anticipated that more shark species will be listed by CITES in September 2016, and COSCO SHIPPING’s new “no shark fin” carriage policy will help them avoid the legal and reputational risks involved in carrying shipments of potentially illegal shark fins. WWF-Hong Kong encourages businesses in the logistics sector to follow the example of COSCO SHIPPING and other leading companies that are helping to preserve the world’s oceans and restore global shark populations.

More information regarding these shipping companies’ bans on shark fin cargo:

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