WWF-Hong Kong’s “Run for Change” is Huge Success

22 May 2016 | World Wildlife Fund-Hong Kong News Release

WWF’s second Run for Change event was held last night (21 May 2016) along the scenic Pak Shek Kok Promenade in Shatin. The spectacular night run attracted over 2,000 participants, including 86 corporate teams and 91 public  teams, and was supported by over 200 volunteers. This event raised over one million Hong Kong dollars for WWF’s conservation and education work.

This year, Run for Change had three aims: to promote a society-wide reduction in the consumption of non-essential resources, to encourage people around Hong Kong to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle, and to raise vital funds for WWF’s conservation and education programmes.

The event kicked off with a warm-up session led by our ambassadors, Mr Gi Ka-man, the Hong Kong record holder for the men’s half marathon and singers Ms Shiga Lin and Ms Jude Tsang. Besides promoting messages about the importance of living a low-carbon lifestyle, Shiga Lin and Jude Tsang also took part in the 3 km individual race. Ms Shiga Lin has plenty of running experience, such as participating in a half marathon in Norway. She and the other ambassadors teamed up throughout the event to promote environmental awareness and keep the runners’ spirits up.

This year, new elements were incorporated into the event. Interesting and engaging games booths and workshops like the “Sea Glass Upcycling Workshop” were set up at the venue, helping to raise public awareness of important conservation issues. Several environmental protection measures were also taken to ensure that the event produced as less carbon as possible. In line with the principles of recycling, race medals and trophies were made of recycled carpets taken from exhibition venues to minimize the impact on our natural environment; the online enrolment system and fundraising website ensured that a minimal amount of paper was used; participants were encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles and  suggested to take public transport to the race venue to reduce the carbon footprint created by driving; and carbon offsets were purchased for the event, compensating for the carbon emissions it did produce by supporting environmental projects in developing countries.

The Run for Change online fundraising website will be active until 30 June 2016, and even though the race is over, people can still support WWF and the Run for Change event by continuing to donate. Access the website here: https://apps2.wwf.org.hk/RunForChange/en/page/listprofile

Link to original article: http://www.wwf.org.hk/en/news/press_release/?15700/Press-release-Run-for-Change-2016–WWFs-Stunning-Night-Run–Succeeds-Again

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