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Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Zimbabwe


Endangered Species and Conservation Laws for Zimbabwe


Mammals: 9
Birds: 15
Reptiles: 3
Amphibians: 6
Fishes: 3
Molluscs: 0
Other Inverts: 5
Plants: 17

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Act Chapter 2014

An Act to establish a Parks and Wild Life Board; to confer functions and impose duties on the Board; to provide for the establishment of national parks, botanical reserves, botanical…

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Parks and Wildlife Hunting of Crocodiles and Removal of Crocodiles Eggs Notice 1975

In Terms of Paragraph of sebsection of section 48 of the Parks and Wild Life Act, 1975, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources hereby makes the following notice…

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Trapping of Animals Control Act Chapter 2021

An Act to provide for the control, restriction and regulation of the making, possession and use of certain traps for the purpose of trapping animals; to control the sale and disposal…

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